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Blank Snapback - Grey

204 reviews

Our blank Snapbacks are perfect for people that like a less flashy look. Some of our customers use them for applying their own pins and patches too!  After lots of trial and error we designed the perfect hat for oversized heads. Our Snapback hats use premium materials and are assembled with quality and fit in mind. You no longer have to wear regular Snapbacks on the last setting.

  • Size - 7¾to 8½(61 to 66cm)

    Fit - Deep Depth / Slightly Curved Bill

    Material - Acrylic

    Closure - Snapback

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  • Returns are accepted up to 30 days from purchase. If for whatever reason you aren't 100% satisfied you can send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

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      Incredible! Game. Changer.

      I've never been able to wear normal hats because of the size of my head, but this one fits amazingly. I have hardly taken it off since I got it! 10 out of 10!!!

      Evan G.
      United States United States
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review


      First time in a while I found a hat that fits.

      Chris B.
      United States United States
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      I’ve got a huge head and it fits great deep enough for all this head

      Chris M.

      Mammoth Headwear

      Glad you like it, I know its almost impossible to find a hat that goes down to the ears and even eyebrows hah.

      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      Regular snap backs never fit well or at all, Mammoth Headwear fits perfect with extra space!! 1000/10 recommend!!!

      Johnathan S.

      Mammoth Headwear

      Wow, what a difference right?! All my regular snapbacks are on the last setting or two as well. Thanks for the great comparison review, I’m sure others will find it useful.

      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      Awesome hat! I have a big head and can never find snap backs but always to small! Found these and ordered 1 black, now I just placed an order for 3 more in different colors! Thank you!

      Mario F.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      I got a big head but this hat makes it look normal no more last button clips lol

      Dennis M.

      Mammoth Headwear

      Haha I love this review! Being on the smallest setting is an unreal feeling!

      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      So first off let me say that I was super happy to finally find a SnapBack that would fit my head and not be on the last few snaps. This hat does that and does it very well. Fits well and seems well made compared to the rack full of fitted 59/50s I have. I’m somewhat picky when it comes to hats I pick out. So, my only complaint was that when I received it it was kind of crammed into a box not quite big enough for it. So the bill has this bend/warp to it as you can see in the picture right out of the box. I have been trying to shape it back since I pulled it out but it just reforms back to the warp. I’m sure it will get there over time but it was just frustrating to see it crammed and bent. Something so avoidable just use a bigger box!

      Eric W.

      Mammoth Headwear

      Hey Eric, Im happy to hear that you are happy for the most part! Im sorry to see that the bill came a little bent. I should have taken better care while examining the hat before sending it your way. If you can't get it to straighten out let me know and I will shoot you a nice discount on your next hat.

      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      I’m a 7-3/4” size dome, and have never been able to wear a snap back without it being on the last snap or set way too high. But these are legit for the big heads. I ordered (2) the first time and Just ordered (2) more different colors!!! Absolutely satisfied with these hats. Thank you for making A snapback for us big domes

      bradley b.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      Hat fits my monster head! Looks pretty good too. Need to explore the non flat bill options. I will be buying again

      Timothy T.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      These hats are IT. Finding a SnapBack to fit my big dome piece let alone fit comfortably is damn near impossible. This hat fits and feels great. USPS decided to treat my package poorly and the hat showed up damaged but miss Taylor in customer service didn’t hesitate and had a new one shipped out within an hour and allowed me to keep this has well. Kick *** company with kick *** hats.

      Travis G.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      Fits soo good and I feel so good wearing a snap back.. Finally a snap back that fits so well!! It's one of my all time favorites gonna order some more soon

      Jose J.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      It’s impossible for me to find hats that fit me well as I have a size 8 wide head, but a deep head as well. I can sometimes find hats that fit width wise, but rarely ones that fit depth wise. I randomly got a recommendation on a YouTube video and immediately bought the all black hat. I will be buying more!

      Chris S.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      I’ve NEVER worn a SnapBack in my entire life because every time I attempted I looked like a 4 year old. Finally a hat I can say I look so good in. Will only ever buy mammoth from now on!!

      Chad B.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      If you're on the fence, get off. Go ahead and buy it. Ive worn hats most of my life, and having a big head does not make that an easy task. I put on my Mammoth hat, and the planets aligned, and angels sang. It's high quality, comfortable, and fits great. I won't buy another brand. I have found my big headed people. The search is over.

      Cassidy C.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      If you have a big head, just buy the hat, you won’t regret it. The fit is spot on; your head will finally look proportional when wearing this hat. Finally a hat that fits big round Asian heads! I spend a lot of time at the range and it gets hot, very hot and sweaty here in Texas. Pressure points, heat rash, and sweat pimples on the forehead are a thing of the past now. Yeah, this is big brain time!

      Derek L.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      I always have to wear my hats at the very last dot, but now I can wear it like a normal person. Thanks mammoth!

      Ian Y.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      If your a big head having fella and most hats just don’t fit ya, your in luck!! Mammoth headwear to the rescue!! These hats are big!! (In the best way possible) great quality and fit with fast shipping. What more could you want? If your noggin is like a melon and you have given up on headwear give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed! Officially husky boy alley approved!! My coworkers and I bought four and we are all extremely happy with them!! Do yourself a favor, you deserve it, pick one up your worth it. -Ian MF Ripley

      Ian R.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      Finally someone makes a hat that fits my fat melon. Good quality and a hat that will last. Thanks!

      Juice R.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      Here at Husky Boy Alley, we are well known in our community of being large men. Since junior high the majority of us have been stretched at one, maybe 2 pegs on most snapbacks. Cut to a few weeks ago when we bought a Handful of these magnificent boppers, where I purposefully made no peg adjustments (it came on the 5th peg) and just placed it on my head. By the power of the Allfather, there it sits still, not tight, no ears escaping from the sides, loose to fit; but not falling off the head. This company doesn't make clothing, they make dreams; ones where no matter your size or shape, you can be accepted into the fold of black caps. I support this company and look forward to the expansion of designs!

      Brad S.
      Mammoth Headwear Blank Snapback - Black Review

      For guys like me, it’s hard to find a hat that’ll fit this big old noggin… That’s exactly what Mammoth headwear specializes in. Their hat sizes START at 7 3/4! I’m a 7 5/8 and I love wearing hats but finding them in my size has always been a challenge. I just put this hat on and it was a perfect fit straight out of the box with the snaps almost totally closed in the back, making me look like a normal human instead of having them on the very last snap and looking like my head is swollen! If you’ve got a big head like me, look no further than Mammoth Headwear!

      Jon M.