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Say Goodbye to Headaches: Experience the Perfect Fit for your big head!

Don't Let Small Hats Ruin Your Day. Discover The Ultimate Solution For Comfort And Style.

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Headaches, Circulation Woes, And Beyond: The Hidden Side Effects Of Wearing Small Hats

We've all been there - struggling with hats that just don't fit right. But did you know that the consequences go beyond mere discomfort? Wearing small hats can actually lead to pounding headaches and even restrain proper circulation. It's time to break free from the pain and embrace the perfect fit with Mammoth hats.

Headaches No More

Small hats can exert unnecessary pressure on your temples and scalp, leading to those throbbing headaches. Mammoth hats are designed to provide a comfortable fit, alleviating the strain and letting you enjoy your day headache-free.

Enhanced Circulation

Tight hats can restrict blood flow to your scalp, leading to uncomfortable tightness and even hair loss in some cases. With Mammoth Hats, you'll experience a comfortable and breathable fit that allows for proper circulation, ensuring optimal scalp health.

Style and Comfort in Harmony

Why settle for one or the other? Mammoth hats offer the perfect fusion of style and comfort, so you can rock a hat that fits perfectly and looks amazing, all day long.

It's Time To Get a Snapback Hat That Was Made To Fit Your Big Head Perfectly...


Mammoth Headwear Snapbacks are made to fit big heads perfectly.

Most snapbacks max out where ours begin. Our hats fit 7 3/4” and up.


Guys With Big Heads Are Switching To


Thousands Of Guys With Big Heads Are Ditching Their Old Snapbacks

Don’t settle for a hat that was made for an average head


Here's What Our Customers Say:

  • F*cking awesome!

    Derek K. - Verified Buyer

    I’ve been shopping around for hats for my big head … I’ve purchased several other big hats from other companies prior to finding these… these hats are by far the best fitting and best quality I have found! They are awesome! My hat size is 8 1/8 and these fit great! Thank you!

  • Perfect Fit - Great Design

    Joel M. - Verified Buyer

    I’ve had my hat for about 3 months, and I love it. The fit is great and the hat has held up to regular use. The design is very appealing, and I look forward to purchasing another design soon. I appreciate the personal video I received and the commitment to quality. Great company!

  • Awesome Hats For Big Heads!

    Derek P. - Verified Buyer

    I absolutely love these hats. With my 7 3/4 head I haven’t wore a snapback for years. These hats are good quality and fit perfectly without half of my head sticking out of the back. I love them so much I now have 5 of them! I have a Mammoth for every occasion. Thanks for developing a great product that I’ve been searching for a long time.

About Mammoth Headwear

My name is Taylor and I have a large head. I was tired of buying snapbacks that looked stretched out on my head.

So I decided to design some snapback hats that fit like they should.

They not only fit but they look and feel excellent because they are made to strict standards. If for any reason you're not happy with your hat or it doesn't fit, I'll refund 100% of your order.

-Taylor, Founder of Mammoth Headwear

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Snapback From Mammoth Headwear Fit My Head?

Our hats fit 7¾ to 8½ inches (61 to 66cm). If you normally wear your snapback on the last setting, you will have plenty of room with your Mammoth Headwear snapback. If you're head is bigger than 8½ inches, email me at taylor@mammothheadwear.com for more information about our XL hats.

Is There A Money-back Guarantee?

We guarantee that any of our products are to be free of defects for 30 days. We will gladly accept any return or exchange request resulting from a defective item. We do not replace items with what we deem normal wear and tear.

Will A Snapback From Mammoth Headwear Be Deep Enough For My Head?

Yes. Our snapbacks are designed with the ideal amount of depth to fit big heads.

Are Mammoth Headwear snapbacks durable?

Every single one of our snapbacks is made with the highest quality materials. This will be the highest quality snapback you've ever worn.


We're so confident you'll love yourMammoth Headwear snapback we’re giving you 30-days of protection at no extra charge.


Thousands of guys with big heads cannot believe they found a hat that finally fits their big head.

"This is a great looking hat, for great looking big heads! It’s about time we big headed people get hats for us."

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